California Sea Mussels intermingling with Gooseneck Barnacles


UNFARMED is an ongoing video series about wild harvest-ables that grow in our midst - often we don't know what they are and we don't know how to use them. We document foragers and wild crafters who teach us about different and varying ways to use wild finds - from natural dyes to medicinal herbs, from dinner to seaweed, fiber arts, berry picking, preserving, urban foraging, dumpster diving and all sorts of other uses.


Do you forage to make tea, paper, hats, baskets, smoke-ables, bitters, cordials, tinctures, perfumes, hydrosol, rope, dye, or preserves? Or harvest fog, grains, flowers, berries, herbs, bark, salt, mushrooms for dye, for food, for medicine, seaweed, or other edibles? Or glean, urban forage or dumpster dive? 

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